MORGAN  JENSEN for  Maple Ridge Council
My name is Morgan Jensen and I am running for a seat on Maple Ridge Council in the upcoming municipal election on Saturday, November 15 this fall. I have outlined my platform, topic by topic, on the pages listed above but I would like to summarize my approach to the position in three words, balanced, informed, and connected. Here is what I mean :

I will be a balanced councillor in that I will work for what's best for the entire community of Maple Ridge, not just              one neighbourhood over another, or one issue over another.

I will be an informed councillor by constantly asking questions, consistently delving deeper, and by never                        accepting what someone else tells me as the final word.

Finally, I will be a connected councillor because I will always listen and stay connected with the residents of Maple        Ridge as well as business owners, educators and everyone else who has a stake in our great community.

I will be working hard in the coming weeks to gain your trust and confidence and I do hope that, after listening to what I have to say and looking closer at who I am and what I have done, you will vote for me on Saturday, November 15th.

Thank you, Morgan Jensen
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This page was last updated: September 16, 2014
60 Days to the Election
Photograph by Morgan Jensen
Photograph by Megan Faber